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Read MH-Z19 CO2 meter to Domoticz using an arduino and esp8266

In order to further automate the ventilation of my house I want to be able to measure┬áCO2 levels in the livingroom and have the ventilation adjusted according. This post describes how to connect everything and get the readings to Domoticz. In a next post I will describe how to use these readings to setup automatic […]

Change Onkyo NR Volume using Xiaomi Magic Cube Controller and Domoticz

This how-to explains the basics of how you can read and store variables, and perform mathamatics on them via Lua in Domoticz. (Video Below) Make sure your Xiaomi Magic Cube controller and Onkyo NR are setup in domoticz. Go to Events and create a new lua event triggered based on device. Paste the code below, […]