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PrusaSlicer on ARM Chrome OS

Here below I will describe the steps that I took to run PrusaSlicer on my Lenovo Duet ChromeBook. Make sure that you have the virtual Linux environment enabled in ChromeOS. Install the following dependencies Download the most recent ARM AppImage suitable for your architecture (32- or 64bit)here. and save it to the Linux folder. […]

Copying ESXi (free) VM’s From One Host to Another.

After taking my backup server in use I want to be able to move vm’s around and create copies. Think about a full pfSense backup for instance. After trying a few options, such as manually exporting OVF templates, copying using VEEAM Backup and migrating VMware vCenter Converter Standalone. After using all three, I have found […]

Read MH-Z19 CO2 meter to Domoticz using an arduino and esp8266

In order to further automate the ventilation of my house I want to be able to measure┬áCO2 levels in the livingroom and have the ventilation adjusted according. This post describes how to connect everything and get the readings to Domoticz. In a next post I will describe how to use these readings to setup automatic […]

Configure pFsense to tunnel all internet traffic from specific hosts over NordVPN connection

I will describe how I have setup my pFsense and ESXi network settings to allow all internet traffic generated by a certain (or more) VM’s to be routed trough the VPN connection whilst maintaining LAN communication between all VM’s. Preparing network structure in ESXi This can be skipped for now, i’ll update this section when […]

Shutdown Ubuntu when APC UPS battery runs low.

This how-to explains how to automatically shutdown an Ubuntu (16.04lts) instance when an APC Smart-UPS equipped with an AP9617 Network Card. The network card is convenient since i have multiple VM’s running in an ESXi environment these can all be shutdown individually. Installation When using systemd This example assumes you are using a APC Smart-UPS […]

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